Saturday, August 6, 2011

31 days!

If you are one of my many teacher friends, you might not want to continue reading.

I have a countdown for school. 31 days! I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. Clearly a change of heart since my last post.

Last Thursday I went to register the boys at Twin Hickory Elementary. I LOVE it! It's so new & inviting. One of our neighborhood friends works in the school office and she told me who the pre-k teacher was there. My husband had the great idea of suggesting that I look her up on facebook. So naturally I did! I couldn't see her profile but her picture is of this cute little 6-7 month old baby boy. I already like her! Baby/no baby, married/single...I know if you are a teacher you are truly dedicated & passionate about teaching others. But I like the idea of her being a mom & married. We have something in common.

The boys will go two days a week from 8-11am. If you know us, we are not morning people! My kids typically don't wake up until 7:30-8:30am. So being awake, dressed, fed & out the door before 7:40ish (probably earlier on most days so we can go through Stabucks!) is going to make my little puppies tired. Maybe they will start going to bed earlier?

What is Ella going to do on the days the boys have school? Mommy/daugther time! I'm planning on taking her to story time at Twin Hickory library, running errands that I can actually do with one kid, maybe a class at Romp 'n Roll, etc. I will admit that I am excited to just have one on one time with her. This is already something I try to do with each child on a fairly regular basis (even if it's just an outing to a doctor's appointment, sadly). It's hard being a mother of multiples (same age or different ages). I have something called "mother's guilt" (I'm sure all of my mommy friends can relate). I can't always give each child what they want and I feel sad about that. I want to be supermom. I wish I had the energy to devote 100% of my attention to them but I would go insane.

Anyway, enough of the rambling! Just wanted to let you guys know that I am excited for the start of the school year & to see how much my boys progress. They have already come so far & I know this is going to be so good for them. I can't wait for their next evaluation (early November). They are not that far below the lower side of average in most areas and that was just after ONE evaluation (strange environment, new faces, etc).

I feel so blessed!

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